The Beaches of Baunei in Sardinia

The Beaches of Baunei in Sardinia

The Beaches of Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese

A corner of unspoiled paradise in Sardinia… the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean

Baunei is a splendid combination of sea and mountains, with its 40 km of limestone cliffs and ramparts, from Santa Maria Navarrese to Cala Luna, interrupted by little sandy bays, with famous places such as the monolith of Pedra Longa, Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola, Cala Sisine and Cala Luna. Santa Maria Navarrese is a famous seaside centre, full of historical interest, nature to see and places to stay.

The Beach of Cala Luna

The beach is located between dominant white calcareous rocks and fragant pink and white oleander. Cala Luna is one of the most beautiful bays.

The Beach of Cala Sisine

The beach of Cala Sisine is the easier bay to reach by boat, on foot or horseback riding.

The Beach of Cala Biriola

The beach of Cala Biriola is at the nord end of the Bue Marino coast we find the wonderful Cala Biriola that offers magic scenary with its fantastic rocky arch.

The Beach of Cala Mariolu

The beach of Cala Mariolu is pleasently immersed into the green and it is famous for its limpid and light green water and for its thin and white sand.

The Beach of Cala Goloritzé

You can reach thi marvelous bay by boat or on foot if you prefer walking trought the charming and picturesque landscape. This is Cala Goloritzé!

The monolith of Pedra Longa

This is the rocky spire (Aguglia), which could probably give the name at our attractive region Ogliastra and that rises majestically out of the sea.

The Beach of Santa Maria Navarrese

The beautiful bay – sheltered from the winds – is located in front of the white church and near the saracen tower.

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